Monday, November 19, 2012

Neighborhood Explorations: Teddy Roosevelt Island

Is there a better way to end the weekend than a sunset adventure to a lovely little island 10 minutes away from where you live? I think not! Now don’t get your hopes up - I know I just made that sound a bit like a tropical island afternoon getaway. However, what I am actually referring to is the good ol’ Theordore Roosevelt Island situated in the middle of the Potomac River between Arlington and Georgetown. It is not by any means warm or tropical. 

As new residents of Arlington, B & I are finally getting our acts together and realizing that there is SO MUCH to do & see within 10 minutes of our home sweet home. Yesterday, when we realized we both were going to be off work at the same time (rare!), we jumped at the opportunity to go exploring. After getting slightly lost on the way there (…ummm…our “u-turn” on the GW parkway may or may not have consisted of us driving through the Reagan National Airport terminal to get back on track), we finally made it to the island just as the sun was setting. So scenic! It may have been cold & getting dark, but the evening was so golden with the deep oranges and browns of the late autumn leaves and the setting sun on the Potomac, I couldn't complain. We took a quick hike around the island, stopping for scenic views of the Arlington skyline, Key Bridge & Georgetown, & the riverside area. Who knew we had such a treasure just minutes (minus the airport “u-turn” detour) away from where we live! We are so lucky. 

The evening ended with our first annual lighting of the Christmas candle, a gory but AWESOME viewing of The Departed (Hello Leo? I love you.), a couple of Sam Adams “White Christmas” beers, and a visit from our other third, Kati. Who said Sunday evenings have to be depressing?!


  1. beautiful. brandon and i used to go a lot when we were dating. my friend's husband proposed there too!

  2. You can have Leo, I'll take Matt Damon.