Tuesday, November 6, 2012

365Grateful - Week 44

October 28, 2012
...for Washington, DC. I love this city! 

October 29, 2012
...for entertainment on rainy days at home sans internet/cable. Mamma Mia anyone? 

October 30, 2012
...that this down tree was an exception in our area after Sandy. 
Please continue to keep NJ & NYC in your thoughts and prayers! 

October 31, 2012
...for crisp fall evenings full of tricks, treats & spooky movies.

November 1, 2012
...for my right to VOTE! 

November 2, 2012
...for Poppa. He would have been 82 on this day! I miss him a lot. 
This is my sister and him - it's probably one of my favorite pictures ever. 

November 3, 2012
...for the opportunity to shoot one of my favorite (very stylish) friends on a perfect fall day! 


  1. i thought that was your dad in the picture with flann!

  2. You're so cute! Thank YOU for taking the time to shoot me. :)