Thursday, November 29, 2012

Javier // Part 2: Georgetown

Javier is a man of many looks. There’s no way we could have settled on just one look & location for his photoshoot. After gallivanting all over Great Falls capturing Javi as a nature-loving, plaid-wearing, scruffy lumberjack, we headed into Georgetown to bring out Javi’s inner “DC Prep”. I must say I was completely impressed with how well he fit into the surroundings – I’m pretty sure Javi is meant to own a cute little townhouse on a sidestreet in Georgetown and hang out on his stoop all day long waving to his neighbors. Oh & by the way, Javi’s red pants? Love them! 

Before we get to the Georgetown photos, I would like to announce that Part 3 of Javi’s 3-part photo series will be outtakes from our shoot – the equivalent of movie bloopers, if you will. For those of you who know Javi, I’m sure you can agree that Javi is quite the funny & expressive guy. And lucky us, we captured that on film! Check back in a few days for what I like to unofficially call “The Many Faces of Javier”. 

Interested in a photoshoot? Send me an email for more information!

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