Thursday, May 26, 2011

Cars: It's a love/hate relationship

Well, it's official: the car gods hate me. I'm currently in the midst of my fifth car mishap in SIX, I repeat, six months. And to be completely honest, I couldn't have prevented a single one. In November, I bought my first real car. Granted, it was used, so I should have known what I was getting myself into, right? Let's take a quick review of the past 6 months with my Honda Accord. 
  1. January 2011 - $400 Major Servicing Required - I'm not very car savvy, but apparently most cars need a major servicing at 90K miles, and that just happened to be about 2 months after I purchased my car. Goodbye Christmas money!
  2. February 2011 - My first real car accident. Caused by a lady violating the right of way, this doozie left me with a rental for 2 weeks! Thankfully, I didn't have to cough up anything for that.
  3. February 2011 - One week after getting my car back after the accident, my air conditioning stops working & my headlight breaks. Another $200 out the window.
  4. May 2011 - Brake light out. Danny Curtis to the rescue. Cost me $8 total. Thank goodness for boyfriends.
  5. May 26th, 2011 - Car overheats due to broken fan motor - major leakage and smoke ensue. This is my largest car cost yet: a whopping $430 between labor & new parts. Although I was able to hang out at the mall while the mystery diagnosis occurred, shopping just doesn't seem right when you know you're about to put down $500 bucks on a repair. I did, however, buy the best thing a girl can buy on a hot Florida day when her car overheats:

an ice cream cone! aka the solution to all the world's problems

So, ladies and gentlemen, that's my automotive history - and what an eventful history it has been. Stay tuned! With my luck, I'll add a sixth mishap to my ongoing list by the end of June.

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