Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The 100 Strangers Project

I think I've found my next photography challenge. And no, this is not like the previous challenge I attempted that required me to take a photo of a various subject each day for a month. This challenge looks to be more difficult - but without the overbearing deadline. The 100 Strangers Project requires each participant to "Take 100 photographs of at least 100 people you don’t know by approaching them, asking for permission to both take a photo of them and to post it to the group." This challenge will prove to be difficult for me for the following reasons:

  • I can be shy. Approaching a stranger and asking to take their picture is a challenge in itself! ...But a good one, that will hopefully bring me out my comfort zone, and encourage me to come out of my shell. 
  • I don't mingle with many strangers in my day to day life. This challenge will require me to hang in places where lots of strangers Starbucks? A local festival? A Gator game? The options are endless.
  • Ok....100?! That's a lot. Enough said.
  • I need to work on my portrait and people photography. Landscapes? Easy. Flowers? A sinch. A person's face? Ummmmm. To put it nicely, I need some practice. All the more reason to take on this challenge! 

Ok, so I'm shy, don't interract with many strangers, a bit lazy, and people photography scares me. But, hey - that ain't gonna stop me. To my few loyal readers, I will be posting my strangers on this blog - so keep an eye out. And if any of you have suggestions as to where I could get photos of some true characters, please let me know! 

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