Wednesday, September 26, 2012

It's Happening!

Fall is finally here! I went running earlier this evening and had to stop to take these pictures. Signs of fall are everywhere: the leaves are turning, there are piles of crunchy leaves on the ground, and I even wore my boots yesterday. Let's be real - as a native Floridian who just moved to DC, I was ready to wear those boots when the temperature dropped below 80, but I patiently waited for a high of 70...I think that's cool enough, right?! Heck, I'd wear boots all year round if I could. 

Welp, I'd say it's officially official, folks - it's time to start baking pumpkin everything and getting out those fall decorations. Remember last year when my autumn enthusiast best friend briefed us on the deliciousness of pumpkin baked goods? Well if you don't remember, you'll want to have a look. She knows what she's talking about.  

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