Sunday, July 29, 2012

The "Soul-Soothing" Great Falls

Yesterday, we ventured to Great Falls. Talk about scenic, huh? 
We did a bit of hiking, a lot of "overlooking" and believe it or not, some haikuing.
You would never know it, but nature brings out your inner poet! 
Ok ok, I'm done with the bad jokes.

It was a perfect summer day, and the waters were raging. 
We even saw some daredevil kayakers attempting to resist the current via paddle & probably some serious core strength. It was pretty cool, and I decided that someday I'd like to attempt that.

Do you want to hear our haiku?

Hiking the hot trails
Great Falls soothing our three souls
Having fun - so there.

(one thing you should know - we wrote this in response to a haiku my mom had sent us about her having fun down in Palm Beach, FL with my Dad, and yes, we were jealous)

And then my mom comes up with one in response that blows ours out of the water:

Oh falling water 
laced with white, why oh why do
you delight - breathless! she may have better natural poetic ability than us. Whatever.

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