Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Things I'm Excited About

I can't lie. I'm a bit bored today. But I know there are so many fun things on the horizon! I've decided to make a list of those fun things. That'll keep the boredom at bay.....right?! 

1. Seeing my favorite people in the whole wide world in just a few days. 
It's only been about a month, but I miss them dearly! 

2. The SJN wedding of the century this weekend. . .Congrats Ash & Alt! 

3. Getting to see this crazy indiekid next week!

4. Spending July 4th in Southport, NC! 
Never been, but I don't think you can go wrong with sand, sun and the sea :)

5. COLDPLAY in 20 days! 
If you've never been to a Coldplay concert, GO. Talk about an amazing experience.

6. My next project! Chalkboard pots + summer herbs.

7. Just bought my ticket for a Sound of Music sing-a-long concert! 
It even has a costume contest. Nun or Von Trapp child? Decisions, decisions...

7. My currently non-existent, but future bedroom. 
I've decided that white & mustard yellow will be the main colors! 
It's never to early to start planning, right?

8. Hanging with these two hooligans! 

9. Summer thunderstorms!
I'm not sure if my love of storms stems from my years as a lifeguard (hello pool closings and not working!) or if I they just remind me of my childhood. Either way, they're the best.

10. Summer in the city. 
Hello farmers markets, museums, rooftop bars, jazz in the garden, and lots o' cousins! 

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