Friday, April 13, 2012

The Segway Sisters

These pictures have been sitting in a draft of a post for about a month now - and to be completely honest, it's because they leave me speechless...I mean, look at us. Again, what can I even say...

My mom got Sarah a Groupon for a segway tour of St. Pete. It was Sarah's spring break, I played hookie, met her in Tampa, and what do ya know, we found ourselves down in St. Pete speeding through the streets on our segways. Honestly though, SO. FUN. 

After I realized I was not going to fall off my segway or lose control and hit that little old lady walking her dog, Sarah and I found ourselves zooming everywhere. Of course, we had to be first, right after the tour guide - who, by the way, was too cool for school. We'll leave it at that. 

We zoomed through the streets, down by the bay, through the park, across the pier. As I write this, I am picturing a montage of Sarah and I segwaying back and forth through various scenery. HA - and it's making me laugh. 

Now, don't forget, you have to wear protection. Segwaying can be very dangerous. Sarah and I were super pumped to plop those helmets on our heads and ride into the wind. 

Oh, also. I forgot to mention. There were about 8 of us on this tour. 2 Wickham sisters. 6 German tourists. 2 of those tourists were kids - one, who obviously couldn't contain his excitement at his new found toy and continued to stray from the group causing our too-cool-for-school guide to continually repeat "I am not a regulator", and the other who was so experienced at segwaying, he made all of us look like complete amateurs (aka idiots). 

After about a 2 hour tour of St. Pete, we called it a day. Phew - what a workout, right? Sarah and I treated ourselves to a beer after that. It was, after all, spring break. 

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