Sunday, April 22, 2012

Bluefield Estate Winery

Last Sunday, I had (what felt like) was the first day to myself in a long, LONG time. Between work, going home for Easter, and more work, this was my first day to breathe/sleep/catch up on life/hang with friends - which of course means Kristin and I are hangin'! A couple of months ago, I got an email about a Living Social deal for a wine tasting at the Bluefield Estate Winery just outside of Gainesville. On Sunday, we took advantage. It was the perfect sunny FL day, and we were ready to become those wine connoisseurs we always knew we could be. 

We arrived at the quaint little farm, quite literally out in the middle of nowhere, and didn't see another soul in sight. We made our way inside the winery, and what do ya know, there were tons of people crowded around a tiny bar trying various wines! We squeezed into a spot at the bar, and began to order our samples. We tried everything -- we tried blueberry wine, we tried a white wine, we even tried an orange wine. Our favorite, however, was the pomegranate wine, and as a part of the Living Social deal, I was able to take home a bottle! As we were trying out the wines, we were given a sheet to fill in our thoughts on the various wines. Some of our obviously very knowledgeable and experienced wine drinker comments included: 

"It's like...whoa"
"Reminds me of a bad mixed drink from XS"
"Reminds me of a headache!"

Despite the above negativity, the majority of the wines really were delicious! 

Once we had our fill, we ventured out into the vineyard. It was small, but certainly gets the job done. They grow both grapes, AND blueberries - as their main wine is a blueberry wine. 

(Literally, whenever I say that word, I think of that "Muffins" YouTube video from like 5 years ago - and I laugh. And I laugh some more. What ever happened to that guy??)

They also had horses! We had to pet them, of course. This guy was so sweet.

Once we had gotten our fill of the horses, sunshine and wine, we headed home, but took the long way through a tiny little town called Windsor - which pretty much consisted of 2 or 3 big old victorian houses situated along a beautiful tree-lined road. It was pretty fantastic. I'll miss little things like that when I'm in DC! 

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