Friday, July 1, 2011

The Blakely House: True Southern Charm in Ocala

The Blakely House. I've driven past it hundreds of times. Always curious. Never stopped. Finally, the other day, I had two lovely gals come visit me at work for my lunch break, and we couldn't quite decide on where we should go for lunch. Panera? Noo. Sushi? Ehh, noo. How bout the Blakely House? Ooo yeah! We'd seen its signs for tasty lunches every time we drove past and figured today was the day - finally, lunch at the Blakely House! I was delightfully surprised as I stepped through the door. An old victorian home, the Blakely House automatically has historic charm -- but the Blakely House had been renovated into a restaurant, shop AND spa - making it slightly modern in appearance, and so quaint! Although small, the menu had some great lunch items -- quiche, soup, sandwiches and......drumroll, please....cupcakes! Who knew!! (Unfortunately, I didn't have one, but all the more reason to return, right?) The girls and I ordered our lunches (quiche, soup & sweet tea) and chose a spot on their wrap-around porch. While we were waiting for our food, we meandered through their shop which was stocked with unique gifts, clothing, and jewelry. Thankfully, the day was cloudy, and a bit cooler - quite comfortable for a meal outside. We scarfed down the delicious food, and vowed we'd come back some day soon. For any of you in Ocala, or for any of you who are just passing through, the Blakely House is well worth the stop!


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