Thursday, April 28, 2011

She's BACK!

It painfully dawned on me today - It has been one whole year since I graduated from the University of Floirida (and about a year and a half since I've blogged!). At first thought, it seems unbelievable - unreal, even. How has time managed to go by so incredibly fast? Thinking back on the past year, it makes sense when you actually break down - the places I've been, the things I've accomplished, the new experiences I've had - it really HAS been a year! 

In honor of my one-year anniversary of my college graduation (and in the hopes of making me realize that maybe this so-called "Real World" isn't as bad as it's made out to be), here are my favorite things, moments and adventures about my first post-college year:

LIVING IN BOSTON: Quite possibly one of the most exciting times in my life. As the Communications Intern at John Snow, Inc., a global health-consulting firm, I had the world at my fingertips - the exciting city life, the somewhat flexible and laid-back internship, and time to spend with my family and long lost friends - all in the most beautiful of New England seasons - Autumn!

BECOMING A SWIM TEACHER: After years of begging from my sister, fellow lifeguards, and supervisors, I FINALLY gave in to becoming a real-life swim teacher. And boy, am I glad that I did. Now that I have a full-time job, I'm actually disappointed that I won't be able to continue my lessons this summer. Spending all those hot summer mornings in the pool teaching kids how to blow bubbles, and float on their backs, was frustrating, rewarding, and hilarious at times. Anyone need lessons?

SOMEHOW (by the grace of God) BECOMING GM OF A SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA: The past six months have most definitely, without a doubt, been the hardest months of my life - yet, the most rewarding. If there is any job that will prepare me for what's next, it's this one. After only six months of this position, I now feel like I'm ready to tackle any job or task that comes my way.

MY 1ST NEW ENGLAND FALL: Probably my favorite experience of the past year. I took FULL advantage. My three months were spent galavanting off to various locations to witness the beauty of a New England autumn: apple-picking in Western Massachusetts, gardening in Aunt Carrie's community garden (complete with sunflowers, pumpkins, and squash), halloween in Burlington, Vermont, family weekend at Brown University in Providence, a daytrip to the coast of Rhode Island to gawk at the crazy-huge mansions of old, and a roadtrip through the quiet, calm, and cold Green Mountains.

DANNY CURTIS: boyfriend, zombie-killing extraordinaire, civil engineering pro, dirtbike fanatic, dish-washing hater. A whole year with this kid - lucky me!

THE SYMPHONY BALL: One of the perks of the job. I got my hair did, bought an elegant gown, and wined and dined with Ocala's finest (while raising 90K for the Ocala Symphony Orchestra!) One of the highlights of my job as GM.

MY 1st "FRIEND" WEDDING: A friend of mine getting married? Two years ago I would have thought this was madness! But, nowadays, my friends are tying the knot left and right. Not only is it a romantic occasion, but it's also fun to have that time with your closest friends. Congrats Sean and Lia!

GUSTER-LIVE IN CONCERT: One of my most favorite bands. This night out with Sarah was complete with a trip to downtown Disney and a trip to their authentic Irish Pub. A night to remember. With hopefully, many more to come - now that I'm not a poor, starving, college student!

MY 1ST REAL CAR ACCIDENT: Although this doesn't rate high on my favorites list, it was definitely a moment to remember. Lining up perfectly with other stress-inducing activities, this lesson was one of patience and humility. The event was as embarrassing as it gets (I can't lie - I was racing to get to a computer to buy TSwift tickets right as they went on sale), but as my Mom admitted, "Happens to the best of us, honey - heck! my first accident was due to a fireman with his shirt off!" Oh, Mother.

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