Monday, November 30, 2009

Finals Schminals

Here's my second post as an Alumni Blogger for the Wendy's Heisman Alumni Network:

It’s finals season, folks. Dun, dun, dun. You know, that dreaded time of year that, oddly enough, comes just before the most anticipated time of year: the holiday season. It’s that time of year where sleep becomes a luxury, Starbucks becomes a necessity and the library becomes your home away from home. But let’s not get too worked up here. We can, and will combat these monstrosities they call final exams. Finals don’t have to be the life-ruiners they’ve cracked up to be, you just have to know how to defend yourself against them.

Rule number one. Start early. I know, I know. Who gets a head start these days? In a world where procrastination is all the rage, getting your act together early can seem unnecessary. But trust me, it’ll pay off. Rule number two. Make sleep your new best friend. From personal experience, I’ve learned that sleep is far better for your GPA than that extra hour of studying you spend as a zombie, nodding off every so often, weaving in and out of dreamland. Rule number three. Find your perfect study place. For some, it’s the library. For others, it’s a dorm room. Maybe it’s that small little coffee shop down the street or the student union. Find a place with that certain ambience that will make you as productive as possible.

With all that being said: get out there, try your hardest and don’t let those finals bring you down. Show ‘em who’s boss.

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