Sunday, January 27, 2013

Baby, It's COLD Outside

I quickly shot these photos one morning before leaving for work. They were quite rushed, but I think they capture the essence of DC's first snowfall that actually "stuck". I haven't decided if I like snow or not - yes, it's beautiful, but it's also quite treacherous (and annoying) when you're trying to live your life in it aka driving, walking, being a normal functioning human being. As a Floridian, I compare my first experience with snow to the first time a child is allowed to take just one sip of their parent's beer or wine. The curiosity, excitement and expectations are so high and then - BOOM. Not as awesome as you thought. Actually, pretty much the opposite of what you thought. I have to admit, this snowfall was a lot less fun and a lot more annoying and unpleasant than I had originally expected. But still so beautiful and enchanting nonetheless. I haven't given up on you yet, DC winter. Give me some time to get acclimated and I'm sure we'll be great friends in no time! 

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