Monday, December 31, 2012

2012, I Sure Will Miss Ya

It's December 31, 2012. As I type this, I can hardly believe that 2012 has come and gone - in what seems like the blink of an eye. It's been a huge year for me. I moved from Florida to Washington, DC; I finally got the nerve to pursue my own photography business; I met incredible new friends but also realized how dear my old ones are. This year has been full of ups & downs, many MANY laughs, incredible times with my family, roadtrips, city explorations & new adventures. I am SO grateful for everything I've been blessed with this year and have so many wonderful people to thank for making it quite possibly the best year of my life thus far (you know who you are).  

I have to admit - I started 2012 in a rut. Thankfully, that rut motivated me to pursue my 365Grateful photo project. Every day this year, I took a picture of something I was grateful for. It started off as a way to bring me out of this so-called rut by bringing to light the wonderful little everyday things that I would often overlook. It ended as the perfect way to reflect on what turned out to be an incredible year. 

I've decided to highlight a few of my favorite things about 2012. It was so hard to pick!

1/ The amazing wedding of two of my best friends! 
2/ Beautiful Ocala.
3/ The Ocala Symphony Orchestra & its inspiring people.
4/ Tampa adventures with SP.
5/ The newest addition to our family - little Zooey! 
6/ A roadtrip through the South (Savannah, Charleston, Appalachians & all!) with my Dad.
7/ Fun(ny) evenings with the family in Southport, NC for the 4th of July week! 
8/ DC summer with the soulmate - Mary.
9/ Coldplay's 2012 concert. Absolutely amazing/wonderful/breathtaking.
10/ The Hardknocks - our kickball team! 
11/ Glen "ohmygoshiloveyou" Hansard's live show at the 9:30 Club.
12/ Life with the always amazing/supportive/fun/talented/hilarious Kati & Bridget
13/ My new Arlington apartment! 
14/ New friends :)
15/ A northern fall complete with brightly colored leaves, pumpkins, and perfect weather.
16/ The beginning of my pursuit of a photography career.
17/ The purchase of my first real Christmas tree! Whattacutie.
18/ Thanksgiving with my New England family.
19/ An inspirational morning of wreath-laying at Arlington National Cemetery.
20/ The most perfect Christmas at home with my family. 
21/ My first snowfall as an official VA resident! 

2012, I love you a lot & I'll miss you dearly. 2013, I can't WAIT to meet you. 

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