Monday, May 21, 2012

365 Grateful - Week 20

May 13, 2012
...for my wonderful/hardworking/beautiful/amazing mom!! <3333

May 14, 2012
...for roadtrips with my dad! 

May 15, 2012
...for finding sights like this off the beaten path in Beaufort, SC.

May 16, 2012
...for breathtaking mountain views along the Blue Ridge Pkwy.

May 17, 2012
...for jumping pictures. They're always 100% necessary - especially at the tops of mountains.
I'm thinking we have to work on Dad's ups though, yeah?

May 18, 2012
...for the chance to visit UVA for Bridget's graduation weekend! 

May 19, 2012
...for quality hangout time with the youngest member of the Shaughnessy clan! 

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